Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mall of America - Bloomington, MN

The Mall of America has been used for filming in Mall Cops TV series as well as feature films such as Jingle All the Way and the Mighty Ducks Trilogy.

Ott Cabin - Mankato, MN

World's Largest Christmas Tree - North Mankato, MN

The self proclaimed largest non tree Christmas tree in the world.

Paramount Theater - Austin, MN

Located at 125 4th Avenue NE in Austin, Minnesota sits the alleged haunted Paramount Theater.

Davis County Courthouse - Bloomfield, IA

Jolly Green Giant - Blue Earth, MN

Me and the Giant.

Hormel Historic Home - Austin, MN

Originally owned by George A. Hormel, the creator of Hormel Foods, the Hormel Historic Home is now a museum. A beautiful building! It can be found at 208 4th Avenue NW in Austin, Minnesota.

Meet the Osbournes - Beverly Hills, CA

This was the house Ozzy lived in during the filming of his TV show Meet the Osbournes. This photo was taken in 2003 and he still lived there at the time.

"Sister Act" Church - Hollywood, CA

This is the church used for exterior shots on the "Sister Act" movies.

Fremont Street - Las Vegas, NV

Hollywood Sign - Hollywood, CA

Me in front of the sign back in 2003.

Schell's Brewery - New Ulm, MN

Giant Cowboy Boot - Lake Crystal, MN

Veterans Memorial Park - Belle Plaine, MN

Matt's Bar - Minneapolis, MN

One of the two original homes of the infamous Jucy Lucy burger.

Curt Hennig's Burial Site - Crystal, MN

RIP Mr. Perfect.

Pink's - Los Angeles, CA

A trip to LA isn't complete without a trip to Pink's!

El Tepeyac Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

As seen on Man vs. Food!

Justin Morneau's House - Lake Crystal, MN

As of 2014, this is MLB star Justin Morneau's Minnesota residence. It is located on County Road 114 right on Loon Lake in Lake Crystal, Minnesota.

SPAM Museum - Austin, MN

Located at 1101 North Main Street (as of August 2014) in Austin, Minnesota...that's right, a whole museum just for SPAM!

Rob Zombie's "Halloween" House - South Pasadena, CA

Above is a still from the filming of Rob Zombie's "Halloween" movie. That's me on the front porch of the house in 2011. It is located on Glendon Way in South Pasadena, California. 

ECW Arena - Philadelphia, PA

I was fortunate enough to visit the original ECW Arena back in 2002 before they renovated it. Such a sureal experience.

The Last Happy Chef - Mankato, MN

The last Happy Chef.

Giant Christmas Ornaments - Dallas, TX

Giant Christmas ornaments can be found in downtown Dallas during December.

Bonnie Parker Gravesite - Dallas, TX

Crown Hill Memorial Park in Dallas, Texas where Bonnie Parker (Bonnie & Clyde) is buried. People have left gifts for her including coins if you look close enough.

Cowboys Stadium - Arlington, TX

Whatever you want to call it, this stadium is beautiful!

Dimebag Darrell's Grave - Arlington, TX

RIP Dimebag.

Cattle Stampede - Dallas, TX

This is an amazing sight to see: a huge and lifesize version of a longhorn stampede in downtown Dallas, Texas.

JFK Assassination - Dallas, TX

The infamous Grassy Knoll in downtown Dallas, Texas where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. This location has such an eerie feeling.

Nadia Cakes - Maple Grove, MN

This was my set of special Thanksgiving cupcakes made by Nadia Cakes (winner of Season 1 of Cupcake Wars) in Maple Grove, Minnesota. They were delicious!